Goodbye Foam, Hello VRS Gun Case


How many gun cases do you have?  How many of those gun cases have custom cut foam? How many times have you gone to cut new foam only to have the blade slip and have to start over again?  Or, finished cutting the perfect foam mold only to modify a rifle, gun, or other firearm a few months later and realize the work you did was for not?  These are the experiences many of us hunters, shooters and outdoorsmen have had over the last several decades.  In addition, each custom cut foam only fits one load out. For the price of three errors cutting foam, you will never have to cut foam again: KOR's VRS System.

    KOR’s patent-pending VRS enables you to never cut, pluck or pay for foam again!  Furthermore, you will have one gun case for life. How is this possible, you ask?  Well, the VRS system is essentially a fluid bean bag to begin that takes the shape of any firearm system or gear you place on top of it.  Then, by using a manual siphon pump, you pull the air out of the bag transforming the fluid state bag to a solid state.  Once in the solid state, the bag will hold and protect your firearm, optics, and gear in place during transit without any lateral movement. When you return home and want to switch the contents, you simply flip the hose connection to the pump and push air back into the VRS System, returning the VRS bag into a fluid state.


To further protect your rifles and gear during transit, KOR engineered the first carbon fiber shell for a gun case. Carbon fiber has a high strength to weight ratio, thus providing more protection for your firearms and gear while saving you weight. One of the key features of KOR's carbon fiber shells are the chamfered edges. The edge details function to reduce point loads due to impact and dissipate those forces over a larger area, thus reducing the forces experience by your firearm, optic and gear inside the case. The combination of carbon fiber shells with integrated VRS technology creates the ultimate rifle cases.

Foam does have a place in our system: the top foam provides the vertical compression necessary to prohibit any vertical movement of the objects during transit.  Therefore, if you have a smaller or thinner piece of gear, like a handgun, you want to transport, you are able to make a mound of beads within the bag before pulling the vacuum to ensure the object will come in contact with the top foam when the case is closed.  Gone are the days of spending hours after work or on the weekend trying to meticulously cut foam sheets to create the perfect form for your desired gun, gear and optics.  In addition, you do not need to have multiple rifle cases stacked in your garage or storage closet. Now, you can have one case for everything in your safe.

Saving Storage

Furthermore, KOR's VRS System combined with carbon fiber shells eliminate the need to have a range bag, soft rifle cases, and multiple hard gun cases. A KOR Case is the ultimate gun case. Combined with high security latches, durable, non-corrosive hardware, the KOR Case brings peace of mind when traveling with your rifle, shotgun, pistol, carbine and, or gear. Ever component of KOR's VRS System and carbon fiber shells are made right here in the USA. This system provides protection for your rifle, shotgun, pistol and gear while easily fitting into your truck bed, trunk or backseat. When you purchase a KOR Case or VRS System, you instantly decide to say no to foam and decrease the number of hard cases that you own.


There are other soft gun cases, hard cases, and categories out there; but, you will not find one that is as innovative, cost effective, and offers as much protection as KOR. At KOR, we have always been interested in pushing the boundary of what is possible. Our drive has led us to VRS! The VRS System will enable you to transport at least two items without ever having to deal with customized foam again!

Not only can you now transport every rifle in your safe with one case, but you will have the confidence knowing your rifle and optic are protected from any impact and vibration that occur during transit. This enables you to be more efficient and confident in your firearm whether deploying your rifle at the range or in the field for a coveted tag.

With KOR’s VRS system, you will save time, money and frustration by never having to cut, pluck, or pay for sheets of foam again!  The innovative VRS system is revolutionizing the way we transport our gear to the range, field, or deployment, one gun case at a time.

For more information on our products, check out our YouTube channel to see the latest product videos:

The best seller 5er (50" long x 13.25" wide x 3.5" heigh) is in stock now and available for immediate purchase at our online store:

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