Saving Space - No More Multiple Gun Cases

Saving Space - No More Multiple Gun Cases

We, as shooters and hunters, love our gear.  That’s probably why some of us struggle to find space to store all out stuff.  Speaking from personal experience, I am one to organize before the season starts and assure myself I will keep gear in the same place when I return from hunts or outings to the range.  However, I end up having to reorganize and reconfigure my gear after every season.  One essential gear item I never have to waste time organizing again is my firearm case.  With my KOR Case, I have one case for every loadout I could ever imagine for the rest of my days.  But let me tell you what led me down this path: a simple question from my loving wife; “why do you need so many gun cases?” as she looked at my gun case storage in our basement.

As gun owners, we have gun cases for shotguns, long guns, pistols and carbines. We have take down cases, double rifle cases, custom cut foam cases and, of course, the good old do-it-yourself pluck cases. All my gun cases, 12 in total for a mere 18 firearms, took up a massive amount of wall space and storage capacity. These gun cases also added one more category of gear to manage.

Furthermore, we all have safes for gun storage, which are immovable and we usually end up outgrowing the first one we purchase. Safes are required when owning and storing firearms. So when you take a firearm out of your safe to practice, plink or hunt, you have to shuffle thru all your cases to find the one that fits your selected weapon. Well, KOR's VRS technology saves you the hassle because now you have one case for every gun in your safe.

VRS - The Advantage

By modifying a medical technology and applying it to safely transport firearms, KOR has successfully created a case that works for more than one gun: VRS. KOR's VRS, Vacuum Rigidizing Structure, enables you to transport any firearm in your possession, protecting optics and gear that accompany your firearm to the field. The VRS System is reliable and maintains your zero while in transit to your destination. VRS conforms to and holds the shape of your long gun, shotgun, pistols or carbines. Therefore, you no longer need to store, buy or manage multiple cases and foam inserts. The VRS System not only saves you storage space, but time, money and frustration as well.

The quality of KOR's VRS bags is unparalleled. We use MIL-SPEC textiles that are made right here in the USA. Each system, whether the 5er insert or 13er carbon case, comes with its own manual siphon pump and repair kit. Over the last two years of testing, I have yet to puncture a VRS bag. VRS is the next evolution of transporting your firearms into the field.

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