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Features and Included:

- Large-Sized Gun Case Insert

- KOR Patented Vacuum Rigidizing Structure (VRS ® ) foam replacement system supports

universal fit

- Retrofits existing cases with no need for multiple cases

- Customizes interior by conforming to contents

- Secure storage allows for no shifting of contents, corrosion, crushing, abrasion, or rust inside

the case

- Never cut, pluck, or store foam inserts again

- Solves the challenge of re-mounting accessories

- Non-corrosive materials keep guns and accessories pristine

- Environmentally friendly

- Exterior structure constructed with mil-spec textiles

- Interior comprised of fill rigidizing beads

- Integrated one-way valve

- Includes pump/adaptor kit and patch kit

- Lightweight: 5.6 lbs.

- Dimensions: 50 in. (l) x 13.5 in. (w) x 3.5 in. (h)

Gun Case Compatibility:

- Pelican: 1750 Protector / iM3300 Storm Long Case / V800 Vault Double Rifle Case

- SKB: iSeries 5014SB – SFR 5013 Double Rifle Case

- Boyt: H51 Double Long Case

- Nanuk: 995

- Condition 1: #2106

KOR’s patented Vacuum Rigidizing Structure (VRS ® ) technology is a revolutionary foam replacement

system that retrofits existing gun cases, making them truly universal.

The VRS Universal Gun Case insert conforms precisely to firearms and other equipment by

enveloping everything stored in the case. With everything surrounded, there’s no chance of

movement during transit. Since the contents remain perfectly secure, there’s no need to

disassemble optics and accessories from the firearm. Keep everything mounted.

By replacing the bottom layers of foam inside an existing gun case, the VRS Universal Gun Case

Insert eliminates the need for multiple cases. Once the foam is removed, place the KOR insert at the

bottom of the case, lay whatever guns and gear require transportation, and use the included pump

to vacuum the air out of the bladder. To transport other equipment or firearms, simply remove the

gear inside the case, inflate the insert, and vacuum again with the pump to conform around

different items.

The KOR VRS System delivers a customizable turnkey solution for virtually any long gun. Never cut,

pluck, or pay for foam again. Save money by needing only one case that is versatile enough for any

gun, and protect the environment by keeping extra foam out of landfills. Owning one case saves

storage space too.